Tuesday, December 3, 2019

When Is Summer?

Here are some random pics from last week.  The older two had half days Monday and Tuesday and they were off Wednesday-Friday.  The younger ones had school through Wednesday.  Amy and I went to school one afternoon for Aden and Ariel's parent teacher conferences.  We took Ariel with us and left her in the gym to play.  Both teachers seemed happy with where the kids are.
 Walking back we ran into Aden and his friends playing football. 

 Twin pick up.  
 Chilling out.  
 I have a thermal camera that attaches to my phone.  This is looking at my fireplace.  I'm trying to stop the cold air from coming in.  Look how hot the computer is to the left.  
 Here are the twins and Ariel in Heather's lap.  Pretty cool!
 Speaking of cool, this is not.  
 Amy helped organize a huge lunch for the teachers.  

 We met Sarah, Rich and Maddie to see Frozen II!  

 The movie was a bit perplexing.  It was good but a bit adult.  
 Everyone loves Ariel's new mats.  

 Out to dinner at Guiseppes.  
 Melissa showed up with a friend.  

 Hey, get off my mats!

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