Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Rest of Ariel's Birthday

It's Sunday night.  We had a nice but fairly quiet weekend.  Only 2 weeks left till winter break!  It's crazy!  The twins won't go to sleep.  They are playing loudly in their room.  I cannot wait to drop them off at school tomorrow.  Back to Ariel's birthday a week ago Friday.  After a snack we headed to the trampolines.  

High flying Noah.  

 This was bound to happen.
 I think they both just fell in.  
 Ariel doing her cheers.  
 When we got back, the girls played video games in my car.  
 Pizza time.  

 The girls played.  
 Then we had the cake from the night before again!

 The girls all left except for Guiliana.  She stayed over.  
 The girls were silly before bed.  
 Good night!
 I threw this in because I thought it was funny!

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