Thursday, December 12, 2019

Cheer Banquet

It's Thursday night.  Woo hoo!  This weekend is looking pretty quiet.  I'm ready to go to bed so here we go.

This is really the kind of season we are all having.  
 Back to last Friday.  The boys have found a few banks and are spreading the coins everywhere!

 They had to bring in 100 of something.  
 That night was Ariel's cheer banquet.  Back to our usual hangout, the Richboro Pub.  
 The girls and the twins love those games, when they are working.
 Angry Birds sadly was not.
 Coach Lynde put together a video of the season.  Most of it was my footage.  I'm the unofficial AV guy.  

Coach Lynde is also super creative.  Made these for each girl.  

 Eli was bored!
 She also made an award for each girl.  Ariel's was for empathy.  

 Amy bought the team gifts for the coaches.  Lynde sent us a pic enjoying her new socks!  They got those and massages and wine!  All stuff to help you relax.  Have a great weekend!

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