Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Fire Pit at Synagogue

It's Tuesday night.  We had the drone out tonight.  It's cool but we aren't sure what to make it do.  

Last Monday we got some school pics.  

Aden helped me make dinner that night.  Amy said it would be fun.  It was not fun.  

He's really starting to like food and is interested in how it's made.  Maybe I will have a protege.  
Nice day.  

Rachel is back from Penn State!  She came over to do cheer with Ariel.  
Ariel is determined to get her tuck before she leaves for camp.  
Rachel is a very good teacher.

Some stunting practice.  

She's getting strong!
The twins have a new little friend.  He's from across the street.  
A quiet moment before bed.  
Last Tuesday, Aden had a tennis lesson with his coach.  
Coach Ian worked him hard.  
I brought my fire pit to synagogue.
Ariel mentioned to them I had it and they thought it would be nice to make s'mores to help celebrate a holiday.  I saw Ariel and her buddies Emily and Harper playing games.

I was excited to hang out with my girlie.  
Here we go 5th grade! 
We lucked out it was such a nice night.  
Let's toast some marshmallows.  

Ariel only likes them golden.  

We were also celebrating the rabbi's birthday.  

Camp is coming quickly.  
I got Ariel a Playa Bowl for dinner.  
I then met some second grade dads at El Barrio to watch the Sixers game.  It was a nice group of guys.  
We had some tequila and chips.  
And watch a great win!


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