Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Sketchy Carnival

It's Wednesday night.  Last Wednesday, Ariel just left to take a long walk. I ran to catch up with her.  
She was trying to work some stuff out in her head.  
So I let her walk off. 
Well this cheered her up.  Her box came from Denny's.  She jumped right in with all the clothes she bought.  
She Facetimed with Harper so she could enjoy it too.  
This was an all night project.  
Last Thursday, Eli was walking around with his new kite hoping for some wind.  
So much cereal.  What to choose.  
Ariel had her private at Airborne.  

That's one way to fly.  

Still working on her tuck.  
We picked up Harper on the way home.  
They went for a ride.  
No wind for the kite.  
Heather and I took Ariel, Harper and the twins to the carnival in Bensalem.  
The twins love carnivals.  This is 2 in 2 weeks!
Ariel was a little scared of the rides.  
Usually Ariel would run off with her friend but she actually was scared by some of the people there and didn't leave my side.  
Best buds.

They did a lot of rides over and over again.  

This thing they did 6 times in a row.  

Eli did this himself.  
I made a picture!
Harper and Heather did the craziest ride there.  
The people running the games were very aggressive.  


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