Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Tennis Season Finale

Last Tuesday, I drove Aden to school.  We got there just a few minutes before school started and the kids parking lot was empty.  I'm confused because I know it's hard to get a parking pass because so many kids have cars.  Does everyone just get there late?
That afternoon, Aden had a tennis match at Lower Moreland High School so I headed over there.  
I actually knew a bunch of people.  

Aden played doubles and did pretty well.  

Harper came over to hang.  

Enjoying the swingset.  
I followed the girls up to the school.  
They were being silly.  

It's always fun when Harper is around.  
Last Wednesday, Aden had his last tennis match of the season.  

My dad came to watch.  
Good season Aden!
Nice cap Ariel.  
Eli had tennis.  

Noah had soccer practice.  It drizzled the whole time and surprisingly, Noah didn't seem to care and had a good practice under the rainbow.  


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