Tuesday, January 16, 2024

Lots of Strawberries

Today was a snow day!  The first in 3 years!  The kids played outside a little but it was really cold and rainy.  

Last Monday, Aden had a late start.  Whenever that happens, everyone drives and the lines get crazy.  
They find fun stuff to do on their school Chromebooks.  
Rachel and Dani's sister Lindsey came to help that night.  The twins really liked her.  

I played tennis with Aden.  

When I got back, Aden and Ariel made chocolate covered strawberries.  
We go through so many strawberries in this house!
Last Tuesday, the basement was coming along.  They was still so much stuff they had to work around.  
We have a storage area under the stairs.  Our neighbors just redid their basement and made this area into a secret room for the kids.  
We are going to do the same thing!

Practice makes perfect!


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