Friday, January 5, 2024

Pocketbooks Everywhere

Last Tuesday it was still cloudy windy and warm but it was supposed to get nicer later in the day. 
So we headed to Town Center Mall in Boca for some serious shopping!  Right away, Ariel found a bag she wanted. Then of course so did Amy. 
If you look hard enough, you will see Ariel running to her favorite store! Sephora!
This is definitely her happy place. 
Posing with the new bag. Too cute. 
This was the crazy line at LuLu Lemon. We didn’t even bother. 
We checked out some shoes
Then we had lunch at our favorite Greek restaurant Tyverna Kyma.  Amy was very excited to eat there. As I’ve said Aden has gotten way more adventurous with eating. He got muscles and ate them all!

We finally made it to the beach!  It was so crowded. I should have a picture of me pushing the beach cart with 6 chairs on it. 

Eli took his normal spot staring at the ocean. 
 Very crowded. Lots of people in the ocean too. 

Ariel and Aden relaxed. 

Noah read. He’s learning early how great that is. 
That night, we met family in Delray for dinner. 
Don’t worry, it was just water. 
Rare sibling cuddles. We had a very nice dinner with Deb and Jack and Amy and JC. 
Amy and JC took Ariel to see her friend Royce in Boynton. The rest of us wandered around Atlantic Avenue in Delray. It was hopping!

The train comes by so close!
The line for ice cream!  I know I usually end the weeks posts on the Friday before and this was only Tuesday. It’s ok. I will catch up next week, since I’ve been sick and haven’t taken any pics!  Have a great weekend. 


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