Monday, February 12, 2024

Was Cool

It's Monday night and it's the twin's 9th birthday!  We had the family over to celebrate.  Then I played 2 hours of tennis so I'm ready to pass out.  They are calling for a pretty big snowstorm in the morning, so they already cancelled school.  Lucky us.  

Last Sunday, we go the Gifted News.  
The boys had Hebrew school then they got crazy.  
Eli went to find Victoria.  

The biker gang.  

I took Ariel and friends to the mall.  This poor person used to be cool.  
Ariel picked these up.  Now she's the cool one.  
Let's see a flip Eli!
Playing Madden.  It it such an amazing game.  It's like you are playing with real players.  
Older kids cuddling!
Good job baby!


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