Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Day 4 - St. Maarten

Wednesday morning we woke to St. Maarten in the distance.  
 It was nice to sit outside.
 Ariel always found someone to help her walk around.

 We tried to avoid pictures but they grabbed the girls here.  
 No tenders this time.
 We're here!
 The Ruby is on the left.  It is Princess' biggest boat.  In the middle in the Oasis of the Seas, one of, if not the biggest boat there is.  You can see the difference.  We talked to people who were on it.  It does have a lot of features like ice skating, rock climbing and zip lining but they still felt the service and food were weak.  
 We took the water taxi to Philipsburg.
 It was only about a mile walk but the boat seemed a nice way to go.

 It was too hot to walk along the beach so we looked for lunch.

 What a life!
 We found a cute place on the beach.
 Ariel liked it.
 Yoda Guy.
 We took a taxi to the zoo!
 Maura loves turtles.

 They gave us animal crackers to feed everyone including Ariel.
 Always up for a nice butt cleaning.

 Love birds!
 Pirate ship playground!
 He found the treasure.
 Enough animals, let's hit the beach!
 We took another cab across the island to the Orient Beach on the French side.  Philipsburg and the zoo are on the Dutch side.
 Crazy beach.
 It was a beautiful day.
 We had lots of fun in the ocean.

 Awww.  Time to leave already?
 That night it was line dancing on the deck!  The party started out slow but picked up.  Maura made me do a couple of the dances. The cruise directors are fun people with way too much energy.

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