Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Let Them Eat Cake

Let's sing Happy Birthday!!!
 It took about 15 shots to get this one.  Aden likes to say cheese so his expressions are always a little strange.  Someone said I had my mini-me and Amy had hers!

 I'm not sure why it looks so empty in these pictures.  We had almost 70 people!

 Aden had his buddies Reid and Carter.

 Someone said I had a nice Cam shirt. (Modern Family reference)

 Rylee again told us that she wants to marry Aden!

 Jackson is getting so big.

 Amy looked very pretty!

 Time for cake!  The big cake was awesome.  It's Wednesday night and we are still eating it!
 Ariel enjoyed her smash cake.

 Ariel is our little present!
 The party was awesome.  Amy did a great job planning it!

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