Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Day 5 - St. Thomas

We woke up Thursday already parked in St. Thomas.  
 Let's go!
 First some cuddles at breakfast.
 Let's just say the kids were good in getting in everyone's way.
 It took us a while to get going.  The boat was empty by the time we left.

 A short open air taxi ride to Charlotte Amalie.

 Aden insisted on reading the maps.
 Ariel slept while we shopped.
 I really have nothing to say about this.

 It was hot, we needed a smoothie.
 We found Aden's dream store.  Pirate antiques!  They had cannons, swords, guns, treasure chests, all real!  They said they would even ship the cannons if we wanted to buy one!

 Aden loved this place.
 Time for another open air taxi ride to Emerald Beach.

 It was a pretty beach close to the boat.  
 First we had lunch.

 Ariel took another nap.  She did great with naps.
 Time to swim!
 I enjoyed the free wifi at the beach.

 The ride back was quick.
 The sailboats all lined up to watch is leave.
 It was formal night number 2 but we missed that on the daily paper and wore jeans.  Oops.  This dress Ariel is wearing was one of the winning dresses on the last season on Project Runway.
 Ariel hanging out with her buddies.
 Aden always enjoyed dessert.

 Amy and I watched the Dark Night Rises on the deck from 10:15 to around 1!  We had not seen the movie and had mixed emotions about it but the whole thing was cute.  They gave us blankets to cuddle up and walked around with warm cookies and milk, popcorn and ice cream.  

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