Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Ridiculously cold today.  I say we protest and until we get Summer back!  Or we could just move to Florida.

Speaking of cold, one day last week we woke up to snow.  Not a lot but enough that the kids noticed.
 I forgot to take pics of our yard where there was decent snow coverage but I got these trees at school.

 Ariel and Dylan sitting together for story time.
 Friday night was Bingo night at Holland Elementary.  
 It was full but there weren't that many tables.  I thought it would be more crowded.
 They had lots of snacks for the kids.
 They had quite an operation.
 The kids really got into it.
 Being silly with my baby.

Aden tried but didn't win anything.  He cried after.
Ariel found our neighbor Jason.  
We just left Ariel over there.  You can kind of make her out in the middle of the pic.
 Joseph didn't win either.  The big winner got an iPad!
 Here is Ariel's evaluation.  If you click it, it will get bigger.

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