Monday, November 17, 2014

The Great White Hopes

Boy what a day to stay in bed.  It was cold and rainy.  Just plain miserable.  We had Ariel's parent/teacher conference tonight.  They love her there.  I still need to post her report card.  Anyway, Aden is done soccer so we thought we might try basketball.  He signed up with his buddy Brody.  

This was the first night at Newtown Elementary school.  I brought Ariel.  We walked into the very crowded gym, she suddenly squeals then runs off.  You can just about make her out under the basket.
She found her boyfriend Dylan!  His older brother was playing.
Aden found Brandon and Brody.  

Then they found Ashley!  I miss this funny girl.  She's not in Ariel's class this year.  It was fun with all the kids.
But then it was time to get serious.  They got their t-shirts.
I think Andrew misses having a baby girl.  His is getting big!
Thankfully, Ashley's mom brought lots for the girls to do.
 The boys got playing.

 Silly girls.
 They practiced dribbling.  Let's just say Aden needs a lot more practice.
 Forget between the legs.
Then some running and shooting.
 Aden actually got one in.

 Ariel made herself comfortable on Brody's sister's lap.
 Phew!  What a workout.  The boys had so much fun, we signed them up for the longer league starting in February.  This one is only 5 weeks.
 Chillin' with Burghy.
 Grandma with her baby girls.

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