Monday, November 24, 2014

The Ugly Turkey

Friday afternoon was had the first 1st grade play of the year.   So there are 25 kids in each class which explains why there were like 100 people stuffed into the school lobby waiting. 
We were expecting to be going to the auditorium but each class did the play in their respective classrooms.  Aden was excited to see us!
We all squeezed in.
Mrs. Gainsley got it started.
Aden couldn't wait to go.
The girls were a little stronger than the boys.
I couldn't really follow the story but it seemed cute.
Aden mouthed all the other kid's parts.

Here's a piece of Aden's part.
Such a ham.
They did a great job with the play.  Then they recited all their poems.

Mommy wanted to check Aden's desk.  It was very neat.
The three neighbors.  Aden, Benjamin and Jason all sitting together.

Aden and Jason.
Then it was time to pick up Ariel. 

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