Wednesday, November 18, 2015

9 Months!

Yeah, last night sucked.  I will just stop reporting on sleep.  I got a new backup external drive for my computer.  I just tore my house apart looking for a usb to usb cable.  It's crazy it didn't come with one and even crazier I don't have one.  I got pretty freaked out when I don't have a current backup of my pictures.  As you can tell, they are very important to me.  

Back to last Friday.  We did the boys' 9 month photo shoot.  Here are some of my favorites.

 I think you are all crazy.  They look nothing alike.

Ok, enough pics, let's wrestle!
Aden finally had a playdate with Jake.  They were both so excited.  This was the only minute they were on the iPads.  Steph made them play with toys instead.
Saturday morning Eli was a little sassy.
Ariel was taking selfies.
We had a quiet Saturday.
Until we went to the neighbors for Jason's 8th birthday party.
This guy was invited too.
Jason just grabbed random toys and ran off leaving the cards behind.  That's Amy's worst nightmare, not knowing who to thank.

 The neighbors.

 Eli tried all kinds of new foods.  I think those are mashed potatoes in and around his mouth.

 Jason's cousin makes these huge signs.  Got him a whole bunch.
 Ariel looks so small with Aden, Ben and Jason.

 I love the look on Jason's face.

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