Monday, November 30, 2015

Happy Birthday Ariel!!!

This is Sunday night and it's Ariel's 4th birthday!!!  She has been anticipating it for weeks.  Last night she said she was going to bed a three year old and waking up a four year old.  (Of course tonight she said she was going to bed a four year old and waking up tomorrow a five year old-we will have to work on that)  You might have heard me say this but Ariel has such a strong personality we are constantly aware of her.  So fiercely independent and so full boundless energy that she really keeps us on our toes but we love it!  How is it possible it's only been four years?  We can hardly remember life before her!  Today we had her party.  I will post those thousands of pics shortly.  (ok, maybe not thousands, but a lot!)
Back to last week, I went to help out with Holland Elementary's 50th Anniversary celebration.  Aden was excited to see me.
They put on a beautiful show.  Many retired teachers came back to be a part of it.

My boy Anthony.
I tried to take a panoramic shot.  The school is so tiny.  I didn't have to move very much.
Each grade did something to remind of us 1965.  They did the twist, played Name That Tune and had a fashion show.
They made a time capsule to be opened in 50 years.  It included an iPhone with a video of all the kids saying "we will see you in 50 years!"  It was actually a moving ceremony.

For snack, the kids got root beer floats, which apparently were big in 1965.
Music class!

 Here's a sneak peak at Ariel's new jacket.
Amy and Ariel were at the market and ran into Adam and Brianna! They are not usually in from Atlanta at this time but we were so glad they came in!
Aden at dance class.

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