Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Dead & Company

It's Tuesday night.  We are hoping for two in a row.  All kids slept through the night last night.

Last Thursday, I went to see the latest incarnation of the Grateful Dead in Philly.  It has been years since I'd seen them.  Luckily I got to see them many times with Jerry Garcia.  Hard to believe he has been gone 20 years.  
Many of the people there were not alive while Jerry was!
T-shirts got expensive.
My seat was great!
John Mayer, who I am not the biggest fan of, stood in for Jerry and man can he play.  I was super impressed.

I tried to take a panorama of the whole stadium.
Andrew and I.

For those of you interested in the set lists. The Dead have hundreds of songs plus they love doing covers so you can see them 10 shows in a row and not hear the same song twice.  Each song is a surprise unlike other concerts that are the same every night.  We had a decent set list.  I kind of liked the one the next night in DC better.

Friday morning in our bed.
Eli says TGIF!
After school Ariel and Eva got to hang out.

That night was quiet.
Saturday was soccer day.  Aden had 3 games with the possibility of more.  Amy took Ariel to a birthday party and her mom watched the babies so it was just me outside in the freezing cold air all day!
We got there at 8:30.  The first game was at 9.
It was amazing how the whole team was Aden's buddies.  Don't know if that will happen again so I hope he enjoyed it.
 Some practice.
 The kids always beg for the positions they want.
 Here are some action shots.  
 Aden played against his old buddy Reid again.  

 Aden played really hard and was in the middle of most of the action.

 Sadly they lost game 1.
 My dad caught one of the games.  Tomorrow's post will have games 2 and 3!

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