Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Everyday Should Be Pajama Day

We have a wedding this weekend.  It's been years since we have been to one.  We don't know what to wear, what to expect.  We are looking forward to seeing some long lost friends though.  It will be great to have a night of dancing and drinking away from the kids! Ariel's class does a letter a week.  Her show and tell corresponds to the letter.  This week is Q.  Everyone already has brought in quilts and quarters.  We found one of our Ride the Duck quackers.  The Ride the Duck is a tour through Philadelphia where they use WW2 amphibious vehicles that go on land and water.  They give everyone these obnoxious whistles that sound like ducks.  Ariel's teacher is going to love that, not!

Good morning Eli!
They don't want to snuggle in bed with us in the morning.  They want to get on the floor and get in trouble.

Soccer time!

 Some action shots.

 Ariel is ready for cheerleading.

 Ariel's morning jump into the cribs.
 Pajama day at school!

 Ariel had to take Aden's elephant.

 Here's a flashback to Aden's pajama day with Jake and Reid!
A fun visit with dear friends.
 Ariel has never been that tall before.
 Trying clementines.

 Good night everyone!

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