Sunday, March 27, 2016

Monster Butterflies

It's Sunday night.  We had a very quiet weekend.  We actually flew back from Florida Saturday afternoon and we haven't barely left the house since.  We were all tired plus the twins have bad colds.  The flight home was thankfully pretty easy.  The babies were alert the whole time and had to be entertained but no one complained.  All in all we thought the whole Frontier out of Trenton thing worked out well.  Back to last Monday.  It had been in the 90's for weeks in Florida but not Monday, it was around 60.  It wasn't a beach day so we headed to Butterfly World.  (these are actually a little out of order because I'm trying to have an even amount of pictures every day).  

A decent family shot.  Butterfly World is only like 15 minutes away and a very nice place.  
Aden was fascinated by the butterfly lifecycle.  
I actually didn't take a lot of butterfly pictures but they were pretty.
Eva chasing one.
Some random shots.

 So many things to see.

 We tried to convince Ariel there were monster butterflies.

 Moving to the outside area.
 There wasn't a place for the babies to crawl around.
 These were cool plants.

 We asked Eva what her dad's name was and she said Uncle Mark!  I guess she gets that from Aden and Ariel.

 We are bring attacked by birds!
 Ariel was scared but happy.

 Big bugs!
 I loved these plants growing over the building.
 Over the bridge.
 The grand pops.
 All the boys.
 The shades were down on the twins so we lifted it up to see if they were ok.  They were holding hands! 
 Too cute.
 That was fun.  As a bonus for coming on a cold day, maybe Floridians thought it was cold - we were comfortable, they gave us free passes for the next time!

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