Sunday, March 20, 2016

Purim Carnival

It's Sunday night.  Health wise Ariel is almost totally back but now Amy has a bad cold.  The twins are pretty good also.  These are from the Purim Carnival last Sunday at Shir Ami.  We got there late because we wanted to babies to nap.  We probably missed the big crowd.
Ariel won the prize!
Sam and Jaxson and their families were there.
Hey boys!

Ariel wanted to show Ali some ballet moves.
What's on your head Eli?
Our golf champ.  This is run by the youth group which Aden can join next year.

Nate is walking!
Not so much Noah and Eli.
Lindsay and the boys.  Sweet.
Can you make the shot Eli?

The big boys.
This is when Ariel got sick.
Nap time.  Noah tried so hard to get into Eli's crib.

Naked baby on the move!

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