Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cleaning the Neighborhood

It's Tuesday night and the fast has begun.  Tomorrow we will try and go to some of the services with the kids.  At least I get a day off of making lunch.  The babies were extra crazy today.  It's going to be years until our house recovers from them.  We have pretty much given up trying to keep up.  They can't be 1 forever!  

Back to last week.  Every time we park, there is an impromptu dance party.
 Ashley came over for a playdate.
 The girls are cute together.

 The boys are always busy.
 Our big boys walking the neighborhood.
 Our families came over for dinner.

 Just some random baby shots.

 They found things in the garage to walk around with.

 Ben wanted to check out the car.
 This was late at night.  Someone has been waking up once during the night for a thankfully quick visit.
 Picture day at Breezy Point!
 Hard to believe they were boron on the same day.
 The kids looked cute.

 What Eli?
 Noah is good at focusing on activities.  Eli not so much.

 Let's clean the neighborhood!

 All loaded up and ready to go!  Everyone have an easy fast!

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