Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Tesla Model X

It's Wednesday night.  All is quiet.  It was really chilly tonight taking out the trash. Winter is coming fast.  I went to the annual meeting of our homeowner's association tonight.  12 out of 50 houses represented.  That's actually pretty good.  Some were the original owners so it's neat to hear stories from the beginning of the neighborhood. Did anyone get the iPhone 7?  I think I'm enjoying it.  The live photos thing is really neat.  I wish I could show them here.  Anyway, let's finish off last week.  

Getting so big.
 Helping the electrician.
No matter how late we get Ariel from school, she never wants to leave.
 I have no idea what they are listening to.
We went to Go Bananas yogurt shop to see Aden's third grade art exhibit.  

 Nice turnout.  That's Aden's teacher in the blue shorts.  I think she's only 25.  
 Someone wanted free samples.

 Aden was flirting with a girl.
 The little ones were cute.

 Someone wasn't happy to see his new car seat.
 Basement fun.

 Ok, maybe it's not so bad.
 The end of an era.  Five amazing years!  You might remember that it arrived a week before Ariel did.  We had many great adventures together.
 Goodbye old friend, you were the best!
 Hello sexy!  Meet my Model X. 
 Yes red exterior and white interior.  I might have gone a bit insane.
 Driving back from Devon, I tried a little autopilot.

The boys were excited.
 Eli was eyeing those white seats.  I might be in trouble.

 Help, there is a giant red bird after me!

Poor Ariel always gets stuck in the back.
 Enjoying the bread at Piccolos.  

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