Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Aden is 9!

It's a very warm Wednesday night.  It's 10:00 and still close to 90! The house is a swamp.  

Last Thursday was Aden's birthday.  He woke up to a few presents.

 Now all I hear is a bouncing basketball.
 Wish your brother a happy birthday!
 Amy and I went for a quick visit to camp to bring a birthday treat for Aden's bunk.  
 There's Brittany!
 The birthday boy and his water ice.
 Hey Noel!
 Aden's counselors are all so young.  

 High five Noah!

 Getting so big!
 So Aden's party was a swim party at the NAC at 5:30.  We got there at 5.  The sky was black but the rain was supposed to hold out.  It didn't.  Started pouring.  We didn't know what to do.  Should we hope that the rain will pass and try and have it, do we move it?  Aden started crying.  Poor guy.  We decided to postpone and had to contact everyone quickly.  Some were on their way already.  Turns out it was a good call.  It rained all night.  Since we had the cake already we ordered a few pizzas and had some family and friends meet us at our house for a mini party.
 It was pouring!
 The kids went nuts in the basement.

 Pizza time.
 Then back to being crazy.
 Gwen loved watching all the big kids.

 Cake time!

 Gwen wished Aden a happy birthday!

 She's crawling!

 This is what Aden's friend's parents were up to while he was with us.  Lol.

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