Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Picture Day at Camp

It's Tuesday night.  The twins had a blast playing with their water table on the deck tonight.  All of us were soaked by the time they were done.  Camp is still going well.  Hard to believe it's almost half done!  I agree with Aden.  It should be 9 months of camp and 2 of school!  

Speaking of camp... Amy and I made a quick surprise visit last week.  We first ran into Ariel.
 Ali came with us and was excited to see Sammy, who is enjoying his first summer.  

 My buddy Aron who has been a counselor there for years.  i don't know how he handles the heat and the craziness all day.  I'm way too old for it!
 It was picture day!  We caught them taking Aden's picture.

 Aden's bunk lining up.
 Then it was time to see Ariel again.
 She was in the arcade.
 Sammy was in the pool.

 Ariel really wants to learn how to swim.  That makes us very happy.
 Book club.
 A quick stop at Learning Express.
 Some fun around the neighborhood.

 Now where are those bunnies?

 I'm going to bed.  Good night!

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