Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ariel and Ashley

It's Sunday night.  We did not go to the shore.  Yes, with 3 weekends left, we actually stayed home.  I think everyone needed a break.  Plus it was rainy Saturday and it's very painful to be stuck in the house with the kids on a rainy day at the shore.  The NAC pool was fun today and we saw a bunch of people.  Let's get back to last Saturday.  Waiting for our guests to arrive.
 Ashley and Brandon are here!

 Everyone pile on Aden!
 Of course the iPads come out quickly.
 We found the only person scared of Moose.

You all remember Ashley.  She has the same birthday as Ariel and they have some of their parties together.  
 Aden and Brandon went all through Breezy Point together.
 Beach time!

Nothing like getting pizza delivered to the beach.
 Ariel usually stays far away from the ocean, but if she has a friend that goes in, she will follow.

The boys are getting to big.  They were probably looking for ice cream money here.
They played with the girls nicely.
 Ice cream time.

 Then we went to the pool.  First a little tether ball.  I haven't played that since my camp days!

 Aden was quiet most of the weekend.
 The girls were not.

Time for the big kids to play some tether ball.

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