Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Beach With Cousins

It's Tuesday night and I have our new de-humidifier buzzing behind me.  It's been pretty sticky in the house.  I guess we will see if it makes a difference.  Ariel had practice tonight for the camp play. That should be interesting.  It was really cool today, like in the 70's, in August.  What a strange year of weather.  Let's finish off last weekend and get into last week.  

This was Sunday morning.
 My handsome twins! (who look nothing alike)
 A quick trip to the playground.

 King of the hill.
 We had left Ariel at Jordyn's house.  She of course made herself at home.
 A little snack before the beach.
 We left the twins with Jordyn then headed to Ventnor to hang with my cousins.  

Ariel is starting to really like the ocean.
Big cousin Olivia.
These kids like to be buried.
 I helped Lucas.
 If you look closely you can see Ariel's flippers.
 My cousin has some crazy tattoos.
 Back in the water.

 The girl cousins.

The boys had fun playing sports at my aunt's house.
 My cousin's dog.  He was so little last year.  

 Finally down with the weekend.  This was the twins last gym class of the season.
 They do some kind of exercise on these things.
 What's with the musical instruments?
 Hey Nate.

 The kids seemed happy.

 We weren't supposed to be on the big trampoline.  It was for the other class.  It was hard to stop the kids.
 Some serious bouncing going on.  

 I always try and park away from people.  Here I was parked in the 3rd parking lot away from the gym.  You can just about see my red car peaking out past the car that unbelievably parked right next to me when it was far from the gym.  What was the person thinking?

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