Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Bird in the Garage

Well we just had Ariel's second camp performance in two days.  This one was just dance it was way better than last night's theater show.  Ariel did a great job.  All smiles as usual.  Our AC was fixed today, needed a new motor.  This is now the first time we have both AC units running 100%, the de-humidifier and the attic fan going.  I'm hoping for a comfortable night's sleep, it's still hot and humid out there.  Back to last week.

Anthony came to visit the twins.  He is younger than them and about twice the size.  
 Trying out their new nap mats for school.  They walk around saying nap mat.  
 Playing outside.

 Carly came for a visit.

 We had a visitor in the garage.  Look up!
 Veggie straws?
 Ariel reading to herself.
 Eli likes to put the peanut butter on himself.
 We went to the NAC to swim one night.  Was this the first time all year we did this?  

 Heather came to help.
 The boys would love one of these at home.

 I made a picture!
 Brave Heather got in the the pool with the kids.  It was too cold for me.

 So we turned around for a second and Eli was half way up the steps to the big slide!

 I held him so he could watch the people going down.
 We never quite have fun.  The food is always and issue and it's hard to watch all the kids.

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