Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Today is a gift!

It's Tuesday night.  The twins won't go to sleep.  All I hear is giggling upstairs.  We need another bedroom!  Last Monday, the gingerbread house was still the center of attention.  
I went to the gym after work.  I saw this sign.  I was happy to see it.  My trainer and I were the only people wearing masks.  
It's hard to tell but it didn't change anything.  No one was wearing masks.  
Noah back to his famous drawings.  

Ariel had her last cheer practice for the time being.  They had a pj practice!  
Never too early for Hanukkah stories.  
Tuesday, the synagogue posted this.  I thought it was sweet.  
Ariel in class.  

I cleaned out the basement and found some interesting things.  Bev's Bat Mitzvah video!
My grandmother's brother sent this from Italy during World War II.  
We had Ariel's parent teacher conference.  They absolutely love having Ariel in the their class.  They had a lot of funny things to say.  
The teacher's baby made an appearance.  
Going for a ride Eli?

The boys wrote what they are thankful for.  

The twins went a little crazy with their toys.  

Lots of art.

Aden has to tackle them and make them cry at least once every night.  
Good night!


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