Sunday, December 27, 2020

Freezing Santa

It's Sunday night.  One more week till the kids go back to school.  I think we can do it! Maybe.  

Last Saturday it was cold!  We were in bed and heard sirens.  We quickly figured out what it was.  
Santa!  It was too cold to go outside.  He must have been freezing!

I did some experiments with the kids.  
I put in honey.  Then dish soap then water with dye in it.  I asked the boys why everything stayed separated.  Noah says because they have different densities!  That boy is always surprising us.  
Back to the good old volcano.  

We went to Ali's house for Nate's 6th birthday.  
The kids went crazy and Ali was eerily calm.  

The kids had a little too much fun.  

Pinata time.  
You have to watch Eli.  He swings wildly.  
Candy everywhere!

Some songs before bed.  


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