Sunday, December 6, 2020

Pulled Pork South Philly Style

It's Sunday night.  The kids were nuts this weekend.  How are we going to survive Christmas break?!?!  11 days home with these crazies.  It was so cold today too.  I don't know why we are still living up here and not in Florida.  Winter hasn't even started yet and I'm tired of it.  Back to last Saturday.

Ariel likes to Facetime us around the house.  
I've had the smoker for months and have tried so many different things but never pork.  It was time to fix that.  I got my first pork butt.  Don't worry, it's just called that, it's actually the shoulder.  This was going to be a long cook.  Upwards of 10 hours.  
Eli and Noah colored their turkeys.  It's going to be so hard to keep them busy all winter.  
The pork butt is coming along.  
I took Ariel and Noah to the market.  

Alex came over to draw.  
We watched Home Alone.
We always thought Noah looked like Kevin!
The pork butt is finished!
Here it is all pulled apart.  

I made the sandwiches South Philly style.  With spicy sauteed spinach and sharp provolone.  It was awesome!
Little Jake stopped by to visit Alex.  I made them sandwiches too.  

More art projects.  

Ariel and Alex helped me put together Ariel's new gymnastics bar.  
Around midnight, the sign people came by to set up Ariel's birthday sign.  
So cute!
I was up late finishing this.  
The next day was Ariel's 9th birthday!


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