Thursday, January 20, 2022

3D Movies Are Back

It's a freezing cold Thursday night.  The snow never happened today so I had some very unhappy kids to get to school.  I thought this was funny.  
Last Thursday, I picked the kids up from school.  
Dani came for cheer.  

These girls have way too much fun together.  

Now that's a face.

Eli showed us his skills.  

On Friday, Ariel had cheer after school.  I picked her up after and we hit Wawa for a late night snack.  
Amy and the kids have a new game they are playing.  
So remember like 10 years ago when every tv was capable of 3d and every Blu Ray disc came with a 3d option?  Well that all ended kind of abruptly.  The other day, Eli found a 3d disc around the house and asked if he could watch it.  Our old living room tv, now in the bedroom, is 3d capable.  The thing was, I had to find the glasses that came with the tv.  I looked everywhere for days and then I actually found them.  You can still get them on Amazon but like $100 each!  The boys watched the movie but were not very impressed.  The picture does look 3d but nothing comes out of the screen like modern 3d movies.  Anyway, have a great weekend!


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