Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Cheer with the B Girls

It's Wednesday night.  I just realized I did not take any pictures today.  Oh well.  I guess next week will be light again.  Last Thursday, Dani and Rachel, who was still home from Penn State, came to help Ariel with cheer.  
Eli showed the girls his money.  I guess he's learning how to pick up girls.  Lol.  
Rachel made Ariel exercise.  
They tag teamed her.  

Look at these faces!

Stunting.  Dani hurt her shoulder really bad a year ago.  It was bothering her so she couldn't help.  
Rachel is so strong.  
She's back up at school now.  
The boys got a new skee ball game, which they have been playing a lot.  
I took Ariel to Learning Express to get presents for her buddy Peyton who was turning 10 that week.  
We went to the first Chinese place and it was closed due to Covid.  
The second one we went to, left the food outside and had us just leave the cash.  I guess they weren't getting close to anyone!
All night long.  


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