Sunday, January 16, 2022

Who Invited the Kids?

It's Sunday night.  It was snowing, now it's pouring rain.  The kids are off tomorrow for Martin Luther King Day so they stayed up late.  Last Saturday, Aden had an early basketball game.  
Go number 1!

Good win boys!
I went to pick up Ariel at Peyton's house where she had slept over. 
Then Ariel and the twins had tennis.  
Fionna's Airborne cheer team had a competition.  That's her on the floor fully decked out to support her team.  
Eli playing with Lite-Brite.  
I made a bunch of chicken cutlets.  
We were supposed to go out to dinner but some of the couples didn't want to go to a restaurant so Rachel and Michael invited everyone over for pizza, with the kids.  We had a sitter lined up and were excited about a night away from the kids.  Oh well.  
Speaking of the kids, they went a little nuts.  

It was a beautiful house.  
Nate and Noah played with the baby.  

Amy, Ali and I.  
We were there late talking and eating pizza!


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