Tuesday, January 25, 2022

It FInally Got Us!

It's Tuesday night.  Last Monday, Eli played whis helicopter indoors again.  As many people get hurt and as many things he breaks doesn't stop him from doing this.  
So we had some unfortunate news the day before.  Aden and Amy tested positive for covid.  They had cold like symptoms.  No one else was positive.  
Amy stayed in her room the rest of the week.  Aden stayed in the basement.  I took care of everyone.  Fed everyone.  Took care of the house.  And slept on the sofa.  Entertaining the boys is a full time job in of itself.  
Ariel helped me.  
Fionna had an x ray that day and had good news.  She was out of the sling.  
Both our moms were nice enough to cook some food and drop it off.  
Ariel practiced her cheer.  

On Tuesday, I smoked wings for Aden.  
He loved them.  
Getting the kids from school.  
Ribs and rice for Ariel.  
We worked on some Valentines.  

Ariel and I worked extra hard to entertain the boys.  

We even made cookies.
Nothing wrong with that.  


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