Monday, August 15, 2022

Charity Event

Last Sunday, Jason and I got up early and headed to Somers Point to Chester's for donuts.  It really stinks that Juniors is gone and we have to drive to get them.  
They were really good though.  
That morning, we all went to a charity event run by our friends.  
They got 2500 backpacks donated, as well as all the supplies a kid would need for school.  First we opened all the bags.  

The twins jumped right in!
They worked hard!
Then we got a pep talk.  
Then we got into lines and filled up the bags with the supplies.  

Adne did like 14 bag at once!
Me with Jaime and Jason.  
All filled up in about an hour and a half.  
Group shot!
Then we went to the beach.  Brittany from a couple of weeks ago came to help.  

The ocean is still cold!
Aden had fun playing with Jason's twins.  
Football time.  

Then to the pool.  

After this, we packed up and brought in dinner.  We got back late.  


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