Sunday, August 7, 2022

Cousins Everywhere

It's Sunday night. We had a nice weekend at the shore.  Last Saturday, we had a lazy morning.  We the picked up lunch and brought it to my Aunt Fran's house.  It was great to see the california cousins.  
We hung out until the Boston cousins came.  

Then we all headed to the beach.  
The boys love a good pier.  
We finally got to meet our baby cousin from Boston.  

She's so cute.  
Let's dig because that's just what kids do.  

Hey girls!
Big sister loves her baby sister. 

The big boys.  
What is this?  Aden cuddling with Noah?
She looks like her dad.  
We had a new sitter that night.  Here's a quick pic of Ariel that came while we were getting ready to go out.  

We went to a new barbecue place at the Tropicana casino.  We hadn't been to Atlantic City all season for dinner.  The crowd was iffy, the beef rib and all the food was excellent.
The lovebirds!
We gambled a little.  
Then we headed out.  
My trainer Casey sent me this pic of her wings from a bar in Buffalo NY!  She said they were amazing.  


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