Thursday, August 18, 2022

Last Day of Camp

Last Friday, we woke up to some Ariel pics.  

It was the last day of camp for Aden and the twins.  
We had some special visitors at work.  
There were no tears after camp.  It was a pretty crazy year.  Lots of ups and downs.  Definitely one to remember.  
We drove to the shore, stopping in Vicentown for dinner.  
Melissa and family were already there.  
The kids went a little nuts.  
I chilled with Honey.  
It was hard to get them to bed.
My neighbors were at Memories and wanted me to come so I did.  
There's Jerry Balvat.
Crowded dance floor.  
I got out there with Elma.  
Then we went for a late night snack to the only place that's open at 1:00 am in Margate.  WaWa!  Have a great weekend!


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