Monday, August 29, 2022

Dunked in the Bay...Twice

Finishing off last Saturday.  Ariel found another friend from camp at the shore.  Cecelia.  She lives in Center City Philly but has a shore house right near us.  Ariel calls her CC.  She came over to swim.  

We took the boys to the bay to watch the sunset.  
So pretty!

The fish were jumping out the water.  

I took Ariel and CC to Dairy Bar and of course CC slept over.  
Last Sunday, we had a slow, quiet morning.  
Eli was excited to get started on his ferris wheel lego.  

Ariel did some tumbling for us.  
Then I took Aden and Ariel out on the waverunner.  We met up with Dave and Margot.  

And we are off!
We had fun till it got a little rocky and Aden got unsteady and pushed me to keep himself on and I fell off!
That's me in the water.  
I'm good!
So right after I got back on, it happened again!
We had fun!
Margot came to sit.  The boys, of course, made a fort.  

Amy and I and the two older ones went to Steve and Cookies for dinner.  The kids had never been there before.  It was Team Pink vs. Team Blue.  I think Team Pink won for style!
Dinner was awesome!  We were going to drive home in the morning but they were calling for torrential rain so we went back, packed then drove home.  On the way, I drove over a nail and the pressure started to decrease on one of the tires.  We made it most of the way home before I stopped to refill it.  We thankfully made it home.  


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