Sunday, February 19, 2023

NFL Experience

It's Sunday night.  The kids are off tomorrow!  Back to last Saturday.  Back home, Ariel had a showcase at cheer.  It was the first time all the 6 month teams got into uniforms and performed their full routines.  

This was my view when I woke up in Paradise Valley.  That's one huge palm tree.  
I sat out by the pool a little until Aden woke up.  
Nice place we were staying at.  
Aden and I went to Butters for breakfast.  We were told this was the place to go.  

We pigged out!
Watch out, biker gang!
We then drove into downtown Phoenix.  
The whole City was decorated for the Super Bowl.  
We went to the convention center for the NFL Experience.  
The city was crazy with people yelling about football.  

We didn't do this in Minnesota so it was a new experience for us.  
There were NFL players playing pickleball.  
We ran into Steve and his boys.  
Then Greg and Jacob.  
We tried to kick field goals.  

Then we caught kickoffs and ran them back.  

It was really set up nicely.  So much to see.  

The Eagles Drumline!
Then we hit the store.  
We spent a ton of money.  
This was the jacket of the year.  Leather and expensive.  If they had his size, I would have considered it.  

He wanted this Hurts signed jersey and helmet.  

The line to see the trophies.  

The huge line waiting to get in as we left.  

Another biker gang!
We went to Guy Fieri's restaurant for lunch and he was there!

That was one yummy burger.  

The baseball and basketball stadiums are downtown.  We should have done that too.  
It was such a nice day!  We briefly put down the convertible top but we didn't like it and put it right back up!  To be continued...


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