Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Virtual Bruce

It's Tuesday night.  Valentine's Day!  I got Amy a new red yoga mat and we had lunch and dinner.  Although dinner was with 2 of the kids.  Last Monday, Ariel had her team cheer practice.  

It was good to see her confidently flying again.  She had some mental issues the last couple of practices.  

Doing some brain teasers that night.  
Tuesday morning, Eli was kicking the workout ball around.  
That night we had lessons.  
Eli got everyone into his soccer game.  
Watching a movie.  The twins favorite thing to do before bed.  
That night, my neighbor Judy streamed the entire Bruce Springsteen concert in Fort Lauderdale.  I watched almost the whole thing.  I only saw Bruce once before live.  With Peter Gabriel and Sting at JFK Stadium (rip) in 1988!  Even on Facetime, Bruce sounded amazing.  


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