Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Super Bowl LVII

It's Fat Tuesday!  That means I had some yummy donuts.  I wish I was in New Orleans.  Someday I will be back.  Anyway, back to last Sunday, the Super Bowl.  While we were driving the 40 minutes or so to Glendale, Ariel was busy getting her cheer photoshoot.  

We arrived and parked right next to a huge Eagle's tailgate.  
We had a short walk to the stadium.  Go Eagles!

Our first picture in front of the stadium.  
This was the entrance.  

The security line.  
All the parking lots around the stadium were being used for parties and not parking.  
We drove with John and Sheila.  
We were invited to the NFL pregame party.  
The food was really good.  There was also unlimited alcohol!

A bunch of old NFL players came on stage to entertain us with stories.  
Then Sheryl Crow took the stage.  She was great!
I ran into a bunch of people I know.  
Then we went into the stadium.  The halls were packed.  It was tough getting to the seat.  
Our first view of the inside of the stadium.  
Another old friend.  
We got to our seat near the top.  Pretty similar to our seats 5 years ago at the Super Bowl in Minnesota.  

Speaking of 5 years ago, here we go.  I think I'm shrinking!

Here's a panorama of the stadium.  
Here comes the Eagles!
National anthem.  Chris Stapleton did a great job.  
The Eagles played well the first half.  

Then it was time for Rihanna.  
She did a great job.  Aden really liked her.  

The told us to light our flashlights when she sang Diamonds.  

The second half of the game was not was good and we lost.  It was a fun, exciting game though.  We got out of the stadium pretty quickly and were back at the house by 10.  We had to go right to sleep as we were leaving for the airport at 3am!


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