Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Skating Fun for Ariel

It's a cold, windy, Tuesday night.  Winter is finally here.  In March!  Here are some leftover pics from last Sunday.  While I was busy with the boys doing rock climbing and the Globetrotters, Ariel had her own fun day.  She went with the Hebrew school girls roller skating.  
A bunch of her camp friends were there too.  
Nothing but the best food for our girls.  

Big group!

That night, she went to dinner with Amy and her friend Tessa.  
On Monday, it started snowing.  
We had such a warm winter.  Why now?  
We pressured Aden into joining the track team!  There was a lot of paperwork he had to do along with a concussion baseline test.  
Cheer practice.  

It was a mess after practice!  I drove home so slowly!

It looked like this the whole way!


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