Monday, March 20, 2023

The Beef Ribs are Back

It's Monday night.  The Sixers are in double overtime.  I can't watch.  It's been cold the last few days. Ugh.  Back to last Sunday.  It was Daylight Saving Time!  It's hard losing that hour of sleep, especially when the beef ribs had to be put on the smoker at 6 am, which was really 5 am.  It was so dark and cold but I was excited.  I haven't made these in a while and they are my favorite.  
They went low and slow for a bunch of hours.  
We kept the twins busy.  

Aden wanted to play tennis.  We couldn't find any indoor courts so we met my dad at the high school.  
We had the place to ourselves.  

I hadn't played tennis is year so I was rusty.  It did start to come back.  Aden was actually really good.  I was impressed.  My dad was too!

Came back to let the ribs rest.  I then made spatchcock chicken 
and baked beans!
It was all ready around the same time.  
I was nervous about the ribs because they were done sooner than expected.  

There was nothing to worry about.  They were awesome!
Ali and Todd joined us.  Todd said it was the best rib he ever ate!
Aden tried to break the bone to get at the marrow.  No luck.  
The kids played.  
Then rested.  
Fun night!


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