Sunday, June 25, 2023

Dinner at Sandy's

Ariel is off to camp!  Last Saturday, we took her bags to the drop off.  The bags go a week early so the counselors can unpack them.  Here are Ariel's 2 huge bags.  
Here they are getting put on the truck.
Then we went to the shore.  The reconstruction of 95 was well underway.  We didn't go that way though.  
We made it down by lunchtime and headed right to the beach.  
Ariel found her camp friend Ava.  
The beach was quiet.  
Ava and her sister played with the twins well.

Noah actually wanted to be buried.

The water is still cold!

Cool sky.  
While we were on the beach, Kelsey Grammer was at Mancos in Ocean City!
Dinner at Sandy's.  Beautiful sunset.  

Poke bowls!
We ahd some family there.  It was very nice.  

Ariel babysat the twins and did a great job.  She went into my wallet to pay herself.  


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