Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Memorial Day on the Beach

Went to the Phillies tonight.  That was fun.  Ate a lot.  

Last Monday was Memorial Day.  It was not bad but not great.  It wasn't very bright and not very warm.  Ariel and I went for a brief bike ride.  We stopped by my parent's house.  
Back home and Cooper came to meet Stogie.  
I convinced everyone to go to the beach.  It had been packed over the weekend but this time it was completely empty!
The cart is. back in action. 
So happy to be back!
The water was a bit cold.  
So we dug.  

Everyone left me after like an hour.  I stayed by myself for a while.  
Ariel and I went to get ice cream.  
She got a sundae.  
I finally got my chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.  Yummy.
Ariel and I went to the beach briefly to see Amanda and her friends again.  
We laughed at Lucy's butt.  
Check this out.  We got it to hold our old beach tags.  We packed up that afternoon and drove home, stopping at the Olive Garden for dinner. 
Last Tuesday, the twins wanted me to finish Cinderella's Castle.  
And it's done!
Not what do we do with it?

Piano and guitar.  
We played outside.  
Ariel and I went for a bike ride.  

We practiced soccer.  


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