Wednesday, June 21, 2023

The Dead

Last Wednesday, I only took one picture.  Luckily it was a happy one.  
Last Thursday, the kids all came to work.  
Then we went to the post office to work on their passport renewals.  
I have been obsessed with watching the I95 reconstruction.  
Ariel had cheer.  
Then Adam and I drove into the city to see the Dead.  I wish I could have gotten this poster but it sold out quickly.  
We have been seeing the Dead since 1989.  This is the last tour with John Mayer but I think the others will keep going.  
It was a beautiful night at Citizen's Bank Park.  Go Bobby!

They were rocking and had a pretty good selection of songs.  
I'm not going to post any music but here are some random shots.  

Eyes of the World.  
The balloons were flying everywhere.  This kid collected them.  

What a great night!


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