Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Tennis Banquet

This Canadian forest fire smoke is getting pretty crazy.  It feels like we are on an alien planet.  

Last Wednesday, Eli was giving massages.  
I took Aden to a kosher Russian restaurant in the Northeast for his tennis banquet.  
First time here.  
Aden got his letters and they are huge!
The coaches talked about the guys.  
The food was great and plentiful.  Those Russians know how to eat.  So many courses.  

There's the team.
Aden made some nice friends.  

Last Thursday, Ariel had her 5th grade trip to Washington Crossing.  Amy was a chaperone.  
Of course the kids had fun.  

That night, Ariel had cheer.  

Playing around that night.  

Eli got a Hawkeye!


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