Thursday, October 5, 2023

Cheering in the Rain

It's Thursday night.  The crazy warmth we have been having is coming to an end.  

Last Friday, they cleaned our fan.
That night, Ariel had a cheer game.  
It was rainy and misty but they had missed so many games to rain that they were determined to have it.  

Ariel didn't look thrilled.  

Andrew helped her with the rain.  

There's that smile.  
Ariel was a little rusty on the cheers.  

Rain rain go away.  
Go girls!
Ariel had fun being silly with her friends.  

While we were at cheer, Ariel took the twins to a Halloween store.  I can't believe what they picked out.  Here's a sneak peak of Huggy Wuggy...
And Bowser!  Have a great weekend!


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