Sunday, October 29, 2023

Season 8 Tryouts

It's Sunday night.  We had a nice visit today from our Florida cousins.  Last Saturday, Ariel had tryouts for Airborne.  
She was so nervous but I kept telling her there was no reason to be nervous.  Everyone at the gym already knows her skills and knows what she can do.
There were 3 days of tryouts.  This was a small group.  
Juliet tried out for the first time.  

Ariel did well.  She's doing a roundoff triple here.  
Of course she was hard on herself.  
Then we had Noah's soccer game.  

The twins had haircuts that morning.  

Good game boys.  That night, Aden went to see a movie by himself then Amy and I took him out to dinner at Nikos.  
Because I have a lot of pictures from Sunday, I'm going to throw some of Sunday here.  Sunday morning, after Hebrew School, they blessed everyone's pets.  Hey Honey!
Cooper and Stella were there.  
A big crowd outside the synagogue.  
Eli was a little upset about the whole thing.  He really doesn't like animals.  

It was a fun event.  Sunday to be continued...


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